How to Sign In to OMG EMR Templates Online

This is a simple tutorial on how to sign-on to the OMG EMR Template service and access the hundreds of templates online.
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OMG EMR Tutorial 1-1

Introduction to this tutorial series. The OMG EMR Tutorials cover all aspects of EMR. Section 1 is on making notes with templates. Section 1-1 covers an Introduction to this important topics and begins to help you develop your first template.

OMG EMR Tutorial 1-2

This tutorial expands on the concepts of Section 1-1 and teaches you how to make better and time-saving templates for your EMR.

Tutorial 1-3

Navigating the OMG EMR Online eBook Using the FAVORITES Screen,- Finding the template you want.
The 1-hour Webinar of ALL-U-NEED to start using your EMR from any vendor!