The OMG EMR Templates

"...for all of us who bought an EMR and said OMG I need templates!"

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This unique book is the first of its kind. It is a book of over 700 EMR templates for use in an Orthopaedic practice to incorporate into any EMR program. In one volume, you can see all the templates and all the formats. There's more- You get the book and a flash drive with all the templates in an electronic format.

The book and the electronic files that come with the book has templates and SmartText that you use to incorporate into the EMR that you own. They are easy to modify and speed your process using your EMR.

The book costs $399.99. In addition to the book you get a flash drive that includes all the templates and SmartText
The files are in Microsoft Word format. This is so you can edit them in anyway you want.
You have non-exclusive permanent use to use and modify these templates for your practice and EMR. You only can’t resell these or give them to other people.
The simple answer is no. A more accurate answer is that is y only have to contact us with your practice details. Our history has been that we have given permission to most practices that wanted the use the system. If you have a multi-office practice there may be a charge for a site license.

This video says it all, lol!

This book and the electronic version in one package is a bargain at $399.99.
Permanent, royalty-free use of all these templates!